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50mm Double Lug Rail Bracket

This is a double lug 50mm x 50mm parallel rail bracket commonly used for pool & garden fencing.  It can also be used as an alternative post base if required.  It’s made from cast aluminium and sold in either a satin black or mill condition (uncoated) which has been vibratory polished to remove sharp corners.

Lot Size & Colour Selection

To see the pricing for the RB50P you’ll need to select firstly the “Lot Size” which is a drop down list of either single piece purchase or in full carton size. Below that please select the desired colour, in this case either mill or satin black and then the price will appear for you. After this please type in how pieces you are after and then click the “Add To Basket”.  If your order is completed you can proceed to checkout and make your purchase.  If you would like to use other shipping services or have an alternate payment method, or just want to ask a question please contact me at