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Aluminium Table D Muff Coupling

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High strength gravity cast aluminium at a greatly reduced price compared to sand.  Our 3″ to 8″ gravity casting muff couplings offers a higher amount of strength when compared to the same alloy cast in sand.  As well we have greater precision consistency to the OD of the hose due to the coupling being made in an iron permanent mould rather than from an inconsistent sand pattern. To suit Table D. We have elongated the bolt holes allow for more flexibility when fitting. Please contact me at for trade pricing.

Cast Aluminium Split Strainer

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The split strainer is used as a rough lake bed filtration device and is designed to fit onto standard table D or E flange. Strainers are used to suck slurry or water from building sites, river beds or lakes. The strainer itself acts as a filter of sorts to remove large particles that would usually clog up pumps.  They are made from sand cast LM6 aluminium giving them great environmental resistance and good strength. The rubber ring that joins the 2 halves is included as standard, please let us know if it's not required Please contact me at for trade pricing.