Products used in the “down the hole” exploration drilling industry. Designed to be simple to use and super strong suitable for harsh environments.

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DTH Foot Clamp (Bigfoot)

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This is a URD style exploration drill rig foot clamp.  The foot clamp is made from a full cast steel frame, links & couplings.  This is an older design of footclamp but is extremely reliable and sturdy.  The design has been updated over many years to include additions from driller feedback. Features: • Working Range Including BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ & PWT • Designed for quick, in the field changeover • 3000psi Rated Hydraulic Ram • Parts are available for purchase separately New pictures coming soon.

Foot Clamp Jaws

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Machined out of solid rolled steel our jaws are interchangeable with other UDR style footclamps (or KL style).  The sizes available are: BQ (Ø55.6), NQ (Ø69.9), HQ (Ø88.9) & PQ (Ø144.3).  These we keep in stock most times, the PWT (Ø139.7) is also available but not usually stocked.  Jaws are fitted with replaceable hardened tool steel teeth.

Footclamp Jaw Teeth Set

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Our teeth are made from cold work tool steel and then sent for hardening.  The teeth is a one size fits all for our entire jaw range. Each set comes with washers & M6 SHCS bolts.