We really do have our own factory in Jindera, NSW. We do not dropship, if a part is recorded as in stock it means it is at our Jindera factory.  Our other manufacturing foundry is in Malaysia, we 100% own this foundry.

Using the British standard we use LM20 for all of our fencing products.  This is a common alloy which is suitable for outdoor use, especially when powder coated or anodised.

Sorry, the market has changed considerably over the years and as importing fencing components became the norm the colour black became the standard.  Colours that were previously popular such as white, primrose & green now would not make up 5% of the total market (for us at least) so we no longer stock them.  If you have a large order quantity and are able to wait up to 8 weeks we can look to help but the short answer is if you are looking to get something soon we cannot help.

The alternative is to purchase mill (unpainted) parts and have them sent with your panel to the powder coating company and they will be able to paint them at the same time.

Yes, the pricing here is cheaper than our store on eBay.  eBay adds a margin on top so I simply remove that from the website prices.

Local collection is no problem but as we are a lightly staffed company in Australia if you can call first to arrange a time then we can ensure that there will be some there to see you when you arrive.


Payment made via credit card or Paypal is usually instant to Albury Casting so there are no delays on that side.

We give ourselves 3 days from order to shipping delivery.  Usually it is the next day but in case of unforeseen issues we give ourselves some extra.

All of our stock comes in via container from our factory in Malaysia.  The containers have no fixed schedule and because of that I try to keep stock on hand at all times.  If there is something your after that we currently do not have please email me at and I will let you know the timetable for getting more in.

Shipping leadtimes I have found are “estimations” but generally if you are purchasing from one of the major cities it will take ~3 days via AusPost and next day for TNT (provided the drop off is before the cut off time).

If you are in Brisbane or rural NSW, SA and Victoria allow ~4 days.

If you are more rural QLD then allow for 5 days

Finally, if you are in WA then around 7 days.

Well first thing you should do is read our returns policy as it may give you some answers.  When this occurs you can also contact us directly on and we will sort it out.

Certainly, provided we have not already sent it out.  If that is the case we will simply either refund you the payment or charge extra depending on how you would like to alter it.

If the parts have been sent out then it’s a little more tricky, you will need to send the parts back to us at your cost and then pay for the extra freight again after the order alteration has been made.

Yes we do.  Funny story is that I actually had no intention to sell direct to the public but because none of the commercial users would talk to me I had no choice.  We do a “lite” wholesale pricing directly though the website when buying in full cartons.  However further reductions in pricing are available but purchases need to be in bulk.  If you would like to find out more about this please email me at