Company Updates

April Autumn Update

Shipping is getting back to normal now so having stock of most parts will now no longer be a problem.  Specifically for the flow control parts such as the strainers and muff couplings it has been troublesome.  We’ve found that dealing with the smaller shipping agents has proved to be the main factor as the bigger shippers are hoarding spots on the boats.

We’re also back in stock of the large 55cm pot trolley, the first batch we had sold out quickly which was most pleasing but I think this second lot will take a little longer as the weather starts to cool down and people are not looking at their garden as hard as they have been during the mild summer.

The main workload however has been sub contract casting and that is keeping me busy 110% of the time.  I am looking to revive the adjustable bracket design again as I have a new concept, hopefully I will show something next month on that.


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