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External 4 Hole Post Base Product

Finally some new product moulds are on the way to the foundry.

The first is the 4 hole external post base.  I have been asked a few times for a post base that can fit a 50×50 section with thicker then usual wall thickness.  This external post base will be able to do so as it wont matter what wall the section has from now on.  It’s called 4 holes but it also has a 5th hole in the centre in case people only wish to use 1 bolt to tie the base to the ground.  The design is such that it’s also used in conjunction with the post base shroud so you can cover the post base and not have any sharp corners exposed.

Because the post base is quite shallow (to fit with the shroud) we also supply 2 tek screws you can use to screw the post to the post base making sure it won’t go anywhere.

The second part is a 34cm square pot trolley.  Some of the feedback I have had from customers is that the design and manufacture of the our round pot trolley is fine it does not match the area they want to fit into or they have a square pot they want to put it on.

We should have both products likely in early July ex Albury.  Pricing and such still need to be sorted out.

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