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External Post Base Almost Available

It's been a bit longer between updates than I would had hoped. I have a nightmare shipping issue which took 3 months to resolve. The shipment was 4 moulds I had made in Australia coming over to the foundry.

However they are here now, 2 are subcon and the other 2 are for our own new products. The first is the external post base I have mentioned in the past. There are some small casting issues mainly with feed but it's come out pretty well for a first trial.
Dimensionally it's also ok, the internal dimension is 50.8mm with the largest at 51.8mm. It also works well with the shroud, the shroud rests on the top of the post base leaving around 0.25mm gap on the bottom which is almost perfect.
Pricing will be $4.65/pc which includes 2 tek screws for you to secure the post to the post base. Parts will be available from August onwards.
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