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Smart Hose Pipe Compression Fittings Available

All stocked up again. In my pursuit of items I can provide alternative sources for we are now stocking Ø25 & Ø32 compression fittings. Not unlike the brackets we manufacture these were items that are outrageously priced when you visit stores. Just buying 1 of our parts can cover the shipping costs alone! I am waiting on 3 other parts I could not get in time to come in, when they do (next month) the range for these 2 sizes will be 90% complete. Other sizes and an expansion of part availability will follow if successful.

As a small example the straight coupling in Ø32mm will set you back ~$17 out of Bunnings but we sell it for $3.30! All parts rated to 16 bar and the design is a smart system where you only loosen the nut and slide the hose in and then tighten back.

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